LaVeyan Doppelgänger

Ming the Merciless: “Klytus, I’m bored. What plaything can you offer me today?”

Been watching the 1980 film ‘Flash Gordon.’ Then it dawned on me…

Ming The Merciless, the villain from Flash Gordon could be considered a doppelgänger for Anton LaVey. Check it out:

Ming The Merciless, villain from Flash Gordon & Anton LaVey, founder of Church of Satan.

Anton Szandor LaVey: Born Howard Stanton LaVey on 11th April, 1930. Founder of Church of Satan and LaVeyan Satanism. Author of The Satanic Bible and other Satanic literature. Other accomplishments are, musician, occultist, celebrity personality. Most of his teachings are claimed to be based on the human nature, individualism, and materialism. Anton died on 29th October, 1997. At that time he was the High Priest of Church of Satan. Associated with: Jayne Mansfield, Susan “Sadie Mae Gultz” Atkins, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Manson, and Boyd Rice. Boyd Rice took over CoS as High Priest, September 2010 (news).

A little help from Anton's friends: Jayne Mansfield & Susan Atkins

Ming From the 1980 film Flash Gordon

Ming The Merciless: (quoted from Wikipedia) fictional character who first appeared in the Flash Gordon comic strip in 1934. He has since been the main villain of the strip and its related movie serials, TV shows and film adaptation.

Both Anton and Ming had hot-looking daughters.

Other cheesy websites have printed pics of Ming & Anton next to each other, with no further explanation.

In the meantime, here’s Shitty Mickey doing his own occultist thing…

Love in San Franscisco. All hail Shitty Mickey. From the webcomic by John Reed & Michele Witchipoo

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