Costumes Story In IF-X Halloween Issue

The four page story “Costumes,” is now available in the latest issue of IF-X. “Costumes” is a short Halloween themed story written by Patrick McEvoy, and drawn by yours truly, Michele Witchipoo.

Cover for IF-X v.2 # 9, Halloween 2010 Issue. Inside is a story, "Costumes.' Artwork by me and written by Patrick McEvoy.

Here’s a panel from the “Costumes” story:

Panel from the "Costumes" story, published in the IF-X v.2 # 9 Halloween issue. Story written by Patrick McEvoy and drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

You can order your own issue from this site: or

Don’t wait to get your own copy. After all, the v.2 # 5, the Longing and Desire issue originally sold out during its first run. The cover art for issue five was illustrated by me, with my rendition of the Knights Templar/Holy Grail:

IF-X v.2 # 5, Desire and Longing Issue. Holy Grail/Knights Templar Cover done by Michele Witchipoo. Released early 2010.

I will also be selling copies of this latest edition of IF-X at the New York Comic Con 2010. Find me in the Artist Alley section on the weekend of October 8-10, where I’ll not only have IF-X, but other goodies as well. See you then.

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