You’re As Cold As Ice…

After the blistering heatwave of 2010, I’m very grateful that fall is right around the corner. However, before the hot weather comes to a close, why not post one or two more about summer treats.

A few weeks, decided to finally try out Benfaremo, otherwise known as ‘Lemon Ice King of Corona.’ I’ve passed it numerous times while riding the bus. Figured it was worth a shot, so why not try the place. Of course, of all the days to visit this place, it starts to rain.

Benfaremo, Lemon Ice King Of Queens. NYC, August 2010.

List of flavors from Benfaremo's.

Our order. Mine was the apple flavor.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not that I can afford a doctor, but whatever. Ordered an apple flavored ice, which contained real fruit chunks. The taste was okay, but after a few seconds, my order began to taste like apple flavored soda. Bleh. Truth be told, my personal preference still goes to Ralph’s.

Upon arriving home, I started doing this quick sketch in honor of Italian ices:

Italian Ice Girl (August 2010) by Michele Witchipoo

If I get around to it, the next and final posting about summer treats will be about Jann’s.

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