Eddie’s Sweet Shop

If walking into a time warp is your idea of a good time, maybe you might want to check out this place out.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop, located in Forest Hills, Queens. Looked pretty retro alright. Had that old soda fountain shop kinda appeal.

Inside Eddie's Sweet Shop, Friday August 6th, 2010

I want candy

Since it was a hot summer evening, the place was packed. Taking a counter seat, I noticed all the different types of sundaes being made. The orders was served in these retro metal dishes, complete with all sorts of rich, thick toppings. Tons of whipped cream, syrups, malts, sprinkles, nuts, cherries, you name it. Pure ice cream porn.

This was not my order.

The aftermath

Safe to say this place is not for the vegan, nor the lactose intolerant. Eddie does have low-fat ice cream. I know this because that was my order. It paled in comparison to all the decadent treats parading up and down the counter.

Didn’t stay too long at this place. So I snapped a few more pics with my cell:

The seating at Eddie's Sweet Shop

The Counter

Googled Eddie’s Sweet Shop online to see if they have a website. So far the only listings I’ve seen is a fan page on Facebook and a few city guide type reviews. The reviews either raved about Eddie’s, or expressed disappointment. It was one of these reviews that I found out about another old fashioned ice cream place, Jahn’s. Apparently that used to be an East Coast institution. There’s one single, solitary Jahn’s location left, and its in Jackson Heights, Queens. That’ll be my next stop. In the meantime, here’s two more outside Eddie shots.

Outside of Eddie's Sweet Shop

Entrance To Eddie's

I’ll end this blog post with this sketch/illo:

Blond On Blond Ice Cream, Aug. 2010. Artwork by Michele Witchipoo

  1 comment for “Eddie’s Sweet Shop

  1. August 24, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    Great blog post, Michele. And that lovely illustration you did actually looks a lot like you.

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