The Colourfield – Virgins And Philistines

The Colourfield debut album "Virgins and Philistines." Originally released in 1985

British singer Terry Hall is mostly remembered for his tenure with both The Specials and Fun Boy Three. However, it was during his time with The Colourfield that he came in prominence as a songwriter. In 1985 The Colourfield released their debut album “Virgin and Philistines” on both sides of the Atlantic. Initially this band was filed under the New Wave/Post Punk/Alternative genre. However, it had little in common with other musical acts of such. Perhaps this could be the main reason as to why this album became something of a “lost classic.”  The title track is my personal favorite.

The Colourfield didn’t last long, having disbanded in 1987, eventually fading into obscure musical memory. Terry Hall continues to write, collaborate, record and perform in his naive UK. Most recently, he was part of The Specials reunion (although founding member Jerry Dammers is not part of the line-up). At the present time, there’s a 30th anniversary tour with Hall involved.

In Japan, this album has been re-issued with loads of bonus tracks. On US shores, it’s available on iTunes. In the UK ‘Virgins and Philistines’ will finally be re-released as a CD, distributed by Cherry Red Records.

Here’s a 1985 British radio session of ‘Virgins and Philistines’ :

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