Magic Mapped From The Grave

Well this is odd. A few weeks ago, some NYC map website connected with Flickr, emails me. Apparently it was in regards to a photograph I had taken of Harry Houdini’s grave. This pic was snapped in early November 2009, honoring Houdini on the anniversary of his death. Since 1927, the Society of American Magicians has held a broken wand ceremony at the grave site. Annually the bust, shown here with the S.A.M seal, is displayed on the grounds of Machpelah Cemetery.

Harry Houdini's Grave. Each year S.A.M members get together for the Broken Wand Ceremony. Photo by Michele Witchipoo, Nov. 2009

Tonight I received another email from the same website company. Apparently my photo had been picked to represent the NYC borough of Queens. Click here for the link.

In case you’re curious, here’s two more photos from the 2009 Broken Wand Ceremony at Machpelah Cemetery.

Society For American Magicians, Broken Wand Ceremony 2009

Houdini Bust. Displayed Only Once A Year In Machpelah Cemetery. Novemeber 2009.

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