‘Till Death Do Us Part, Supposely.

So I’m in front of my apartment building, about to put the key into the front door lock. Some guy passes by walking his cute dog. A very elderly old lady is delighted by the sight of this canine. She giggles slightly while sporting a toothless grin and then turns to me.

“I love animals. They’re much better than people.” This in turn makes me smile. I’ve always shared this same sentiment for years.

Softly she strikes up a conversation with me. I was about to tell her about my pets, when she changes the subject to marriage.

“You know, I was married. Been married since 1957. My husband died last year.”

Quickly responding, I give my condolences: “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Her: “I’m not. He was a complete pain in the ass. I’m glad he’s gone. Ever since we got married all he wanted was sex. He was completely sex mad.” She continued her disgruntles about her dearly departed spouse. This was my cue to turn the key in the lock.

As I walked in, her conversation topic quickly changed again to traveling. Informing me about how she was going to take the bus five blocks. I wished her a good day as I closed the front door.

Here’s to ’till death do us part.

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