Hipster Ghetto

Walked around Williamsburg, Brooklyn last night. After an hour of walking around, couldn’t wait to get back home. This was never so evident when a random European Hipster, holding hands with his bulimic girlfriend growled in my face. What the fresh hell…?

As I walked down Bedford Avenue, I slowly got more nauseous with each step. The conversations that I had overheard hit hard the most. Hipsters trying to be funny and ironic with various snide comments. Honestly, I don’t know which was worst; Bedford Avenue or the local mall.

Neighborhood gentrification isn’t anything new in New York City. In fact, its come to be expected. Greenpoint, Astoria, even Bed-Stuy, these areas are also experiencing a gentrification influx. Jersey City has attempted gentrification, but let’s face it. That particular area always has and always will suck. However, with the case of Williamsburg, it totally crawls of Hipster roaches. Perhaps you should consider putting a can of Raid inside your purse. Riding the L train during rush hour is proof of Hipster infestation. A Williamsburg bar during the weekend is a lot like being inside a Hipster roach motel. You can check in, but you can’t check out.

I shouldn’t bitch too hard. Still happy to be here in NYC than anywhere else. Plus, being anti-Hipster is just as trendy as being a hipster. For now I’ll just consider Williamsburg as the Hipster Ghetto.

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