Suburbia (Movie Trailer of The Week, March 15th, 2010)

The year 1984 was anticipated but not as close as it was described in the Orwell novel. (Actually, in the year 2010 we’re more aligned with what Orwell foretold than in 1984 itself) Yet 84 was still an interesting year. The AIDS virus was identified by French Immunologist. The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale, currently known as iMac. The AT&T monopoly gets broken up.

The most popular films from 1984 ranged from Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Terminator, Amadeus, Police Academy, and the original version of The Karate Kid. It was the first year of the MTV video music awards, and BandAid tried to help starving children in Africa with a holiday song. Speaking of music, some of the most popular musical acts of its day were Duran Duran, Wham!, and David Bowie, who sang about 1984.

1984 was also the year the independent film Suburbia was released. Directed by Penelope Spheeris, it used real Californian street kids and squatter punks instead of professional actors. There was a few exceptions. Out of the few professionals actors used, it should be noted that Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers was among the cast.

This is not really a ‘grindhouse’ film per say. I first viewed this film on VHS back in the eighties. In my opinion found it depressing, but still appreciate the film for its non-exploitative realism. Penelope Spheeris later went on to direct ‘Wanye’s World.’ Without further due, here’s the movie trailer of the week for March 15th, 2010:

BTW, Suburbia is being released on DVD May 2010.

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