Bad Fortune

Back in the ’90s, I used to do tarot card readings here and there. Mostly at club parties. I think maybe two-three times filling in for this girl. The majority was for my friend Bejay Rose. He used to promote Club Kid/Rave/Underground parties at various NYC clubs. Those were the days. Never made that much money, but it was fun as well as practice.

Last time I did some club tarot readings was Bejay’s “Too Far Gone” party located in NYC’s Lower East Side area. Like around early 2000s. However, I soon stopped that altogether. Started taking the tarot and other divination methods more seriously. It had felt odd charging strangers for a mundane fortune telling, just didn’t feel right. Today, I only do tarot readings for trusted friends.

Well, anyway, tonight I had came across this online article about the murder of a professional psychic. Turns out some woman had gotten enraged over her reading, she decided to put an end to the psychic’s own fortune, once and for all. Geez.

I know this is a rare case, but still…makes me glad that I no longer do this:
Tanya Nelson Convicted Over Killing Fortune Teller

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