Edible Infinity

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Thursday, January 28, 2010 e.v. 5:04 PM

Now its time for an utterly ridiculous blog post.

Right before New Years, going into 2010, me and the boyfriend went down to a local pub. Basic fare, fried food and beer. You know, get in those extra calories before the new years’ resolutions. The ones where you swear not to overeat and drink. Yea, that one. Anyway, since the serving portion was huge, we decided to brown bag it.

Next morning…too lazy to make a proper nutritional breakfast and discovered this:

Interesting huh? Now you’re probably thinking, huh? At a glance it just looks like over-fried food. On the contrary, however. a closer look and this piece of leftover onion ring resembles the infinity symbol. The meaning of this infinity symbol is a mathematical one, (as in the number 8 sideways). Also in mystical terms, representing eternity with the universe. Sort of like the Ouroboro, the serpent devouring its own tail.

Take this tarot card for example. We’ll use the most famous deck of them all, the Rider-Waite deck. Here’s the first card, The Magician:

Look above the magician’s head. He is connecting himself with the universe:

Not satisfied with this, I decided to “magically” play with my food:

Now compare:

I was being silly, of course.
As for the food itself? It was consumed afterwards, except for the Infinity shaped onion ring. It had become inedible hard, so it went in the garbage can. To Will, to dare and to silently go into the trash.


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